Alida with Prince the Cat

Consummate Professional

I first met Alida Dettmann four years ago when I took a Healing Touch for Animals™ class. Since then I've had Alida work on a number of family members around issues of chronic pain, pain management, and cancer treatment – not to mention my own aches and pains. I've also worked with Alida to provide service to wild horses and abused and neglected animals, including dogs, cats, and horses. Alida is the consummate professional who combines a Phi Beta Kappa mind, a nurse's touch, and the highest of professional and ethical standards. The Healing Touch practitioner works only for the highest good of the client to promote healing. This always requires effective partnership with clients and often with other medical professionals. Alida is an effective team member and partner. I recommend her unconditionally and have the highest trust in her.

Jim Pettyjohn, MA, Education
Portland, Oregon

Meditative Experience

I experienced healing touch as a quiet, meditative experience which brought a sense of well-being to body, mind and spirit. Alida seemed focused on being the conduit for divine energy to be released and to flow into my body. While not experiencing miraculous relief from pain, I did feel a relaxation and lessening of tension. Alida has a special gift of bringing healing energy, and directing it to where it is needed.

Kathleen Walsh, SNJM

Bad Cold

One winter I had a very bad cold that dragged on and on, and I ached all over. I went to Alida Dettmann for her Healing Touch methods to relieve some of the discomfort. After an hour's treatment, not only was my achiness gone, but so was my low-grade fever. Since then I have confidently recommended Alida's work to many of my friends, family and associates.

Timme A. Helzer, Ph.D.
International Management Consultant
Portland, Oregon

Wounded Horse

I met Alida at the barn where we board our horses. I was immediately impressed and felt her quiet demeanor had great strength behind it. I enjoyed exchanging ideas with her about our very intense thoroughbreds.

I had heard that she was using something called the "Healing Touch" method. I didn't know what that was until the day I had the opportunity to watch her work on a lame horse in a good deal of pain. It was very interesting to watch her work and treat him with the healing touch method. I left with a kind of wonder that this method had such a tremendous effect on this horse. I tucked that experience away in the back of my mind.

A few weeks later all of the boarders at our barn were invited out to another barn to learn more about using healing touch with horses. The recipient was a rescue horse that had been badly mistreated and nearly starved to death. Needless to say, this mare was very intimidated by all the humans around her. By the end of the session, we could all touch her. She had visibly relaxed and changed right before our eyes. What an experience! I came away from the workshop a true believer of what healing energy can accomplish. The difference in that mare from the point we arrived until when we left was like seeing dark turn to daylight. I still think about that day quite often.

Several months later I was going to take my horse off property on a trail ride. We loaded him in the trailer and proceeded to the tree farm where we intended to ride. During the unloading process, my horse failed to step down properly and cut his leg in two places and was bleeding profusely. We loaded him back up and immediately took him back to the barn to administer treatment for his injury. The gashes in his leg were deep and the hair and flesh were gone. I was in tears over this situation and felt terrible I had failed to keep my baby safe.

After several days of bathing and icing his leg, which was by now very swollen and forming proud flesh, Alida approached me and she asked if I wanted her to do a "healing touch". I accepted gratefully. Alida had me hold Stryder awhile she performed this work on him. She quickly noted that he was not comfortable and asked me to sing to him. Since I didn't want to punish Alida or Stryder with my singing, I hummed to him while she worked on him. After about 20 minutes she was finished and we left him to his pasture. I thanked her profusely and went to complete a couple of other tasks.

Then, to my amazement, when I went back to Stryder's pasture, the swelling in his leg had reduced so much I could actually see the natural, muscular curvature returning. I could not believe my eyes. The swelling had gone down by at least fifty per cent.

Stryder began to heal so quickly after his "healing touch" experience that I no longer had to ice his leg. Alida did another "healing touch" on him a few days later, and within a day or two, he was not only able to walk easily, but he could even trot and canter in his pasture.

To say that I am a strong believer in Alida's abilities and her wonderful healing hands would be an understatement. I will be forever grateful to her for her skill, her knowledge, and the obvious love and care that she extends to animals (and humans) in need.

Should I ever need a healing touch for myself, Alida will be my first phone call, and I know that I will be in great, gentle, healing hands.

Brendan L. Stewart
Loan Officer